Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Federal Power

This morning, while watching a portion of Ben Bernanke's first testimony on Capitol Hill as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, I listened to the whining of a Democratic Congresswoman from the state of New York.

She kept pestering Bernanke about job creation, complaining that many of her constituents were well-educated, white-collar professionals whose jobs had been eliminated or outsourced. Her tone suggested that there was some evil plot afoot to furlough the voters in her district, and Ben had better have some answers.

How sad. Why is it that so many members of Congress can't understand that it is not the job of the Federal Government to directly create jobs? In our system, the private sector is where that occurs.

Restrained spending, minimal lawmaking, and a stable currency are about all the Federal Goverment can effectively do to foster a positive economic climate in this country. Plus, of course, one of its crown jewels, the rule of law.

Think of it this way. Do you really want a job created by the same folks who waste so much of your tax dollars now in the bureaucratic morass that has become our Federal Government?

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