Saturday, March 18, 2006

Blog Name

As time has passed, and I have generated a fair number of posts on a variety of topics, a theme is evidently taking shape.

My brother commented on that, as we discussed my recent GE compensation post. As a result, I've toyed with various new names for this blog. The original one is quite forgettable and nondescript.

Thanks to my brother, who labelled my perspective, "the emperor has no clothes," I am leaning toward some descriptive title of that nature. This one, "The Reasoned Sceptic," attempts to strike a balance.

My partner cautioned me to not be constantly negative, or "angry." However, I pointed out that, because most people are so mediocre, most of my commentary is going to be critical. He agreed. In fact, I owe this revelation to my old boss and mentor from Chase Manhattan. He demonstrated to me, frequently, that using sensible logic and reason, with some facts, typically results in a strategist being sceptical of the schemes being hatched by most (average or below-average) managers.

So, in that spirit, I am trying out this new name for my blog. If you read this and have any suggestions, please feel free to express them, either in a post, or via email.


Jacob Golbitz said...

How about "Opprobrium"?

I like your blog -- one of the better finance blogs going as far as I can tell.


C Neul said...

Thanks for your remarks Jacob.

"opprobrium," as in, "bringing disgrace," sounds a bit more negative than that for which I am aiming.

But thank you for the suggestion.