Thursday, July 09, 2009

Boone Pickens' Energy "Plan" A Year Later

I saw Boone Pickens on CNBC Tuesday morning. He was there to mark the one-year anniversary of his non-plan national "energy plan."

Suffice to say, Boone was crowing about Congressional legislation including natural gas. But he begged off commenting on 'cap and trade.'

This seems totally disingenuous to me. He claimed he isn't an expert on that topic, so he refused to comment whatsoever on the bill.

Personally, I don't think that dog hunts. Pickens is smart enough to judge whether or not distorting the prices of energy sources via political machinations is a wise thing.

And nobody has yet explained how we know when we spend "too much" on any one good that requires foreign exchange.

In an unrelated article, for example, I read one pundit ask why spending what the US spends on healthcare is "too much," but continuing to pump dollars into union-run schools isn't?

It's still the same with energy. While it may be unwise to leave so many dollars in the hands of unfriendly powers, that's different than buying a fairly-valued commodity input in the market, to use to create value in the US.

Lastly, if Pickens isn't smart enough to have any opinion on 'cap and tax,' why should we believe he's intelligent enough to propose a sound energy policy/plan?

He can't have it both ways. Either he has informed opinions on energy policy in general, or he doesn't. It can't be a pick and choose thing. Even for Pickens.

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