Wednesday, June 23, 2010

David Faber's Program- Another New Low: Steve Liesman

I wrote here yesterday that David Faber's newish CNBC noontime program, Strategy Session, seems to be losing momentum. Its guest list has declined considerably in quality.

Now I know Faber's new program, and, sadly, Faber himself, is in trouble. Real trouble.

Today, as Faber and co-host Gary Kaminsky discussed this morning's new housing sales slump, the worst monthly numbers, they contended, since 1963, guess who they turned to for 'expert' economic commentary?

None other than CNBC senior economic idiot, Steve Liesman.

As if that wasn't enough, Faber introduced Liesman as a sage on economics and the bond market!

News to me, and all the other CNBC viewers who thought that the network's anointed bond market guru is the guy who reports from the Chicago pits on a daily basis, Rick Santelli.

Liesman is only a reporter. He's got no background in economics and, according to his bio, has no operating experience in the fixed income markets.

Has Faber lost his mind? It's bad enough that Faber is stuck with colleague and notable idiot Liesman as a 'guest' on his program.

David Faber didn't have to compound this unfortunate development by attributing knowledge to the CNBC economic moron that he clearly does not possess.

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