Thursday, July 29, 2010

CNBC's Jim Goldman Departs & A Look At His Gaffe Involving Apple's Steve Jobs

I noticed last week that CNBC's long time technology reporter, Jim Goldman, was missing in action. A quick Google search revealed that he had left the network recently for a VP job at public relationships firm Burston Marstellar.

In the process of that search, I discovered this webpage containing the video of Goldman, Dennis Kneale and 'Fake Steve Jobs,' a/k/a Dan Lyons of Newsweek.

It's priceless.

After viewing it, I began to wonder whether Goldman had become damaged goods. I reflected on his interviews over the years, and have to admit, he mostly tossed softballs. Once he mistakenly took on Carol Bartz without solid facts, and she ripped him a new one, as well.

However, in a larger sense, Dan Lyons' revelations of Goldman's complete and consensual digestion and public regurgitation of the Apple party line concerning Jobs' health issues in 2009 may have reduced, if not eliminated his credibility.

Makes you wonder about other CNBC reporters, doesn't it? Because it fits nicely with the network's tendency to softball interview CEOs and generally say nothing that might affect interview access to and/or advertising from large corporations and financial sector personalities.

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