Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Lee Cooperman Today On CNBC

Omega Advisers founder and chairman, and former Goldman Sachs equity strategist, Lee Cooperman, was a guest host on CNBC this morning for an hour or more.

I don't feel terrific having to write this, because content should trump delivery, in an ideal world.

Someone has to tell Cooperman to lose the now-grotesque comb-over. Wear a hat, a toupee, go bald. Whatever it takes.

The grossly unflattering camera angles on the set showed his head from virtually all angles. It was decidedly not pretty.

I confess that his message, whatever it was, was, for me, lost in the presentation. But the one thing I did hear him say was to simply agree with David Tepper's comments two Fridays ago.

Oh, yes, there was Cooperman's big announcement that he's donating half of his considerable fortune to charity. All the liberals on set congratulated him for being a 'good corporate citizen,' implying that anyone who desires to keep his hard-earned money is somehow evil and anti-social.

That's some steep price to get on CNBC these days, isn't it? Or maybe just for Lee?

Other than that, Cooperman didn't seem to say much of interest.

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