Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Shameful Behavior by CNBC

Only a few months ago, I wrote this post concerning CNBC prominently showcasing the ethically-troubled Steve Rattner.

It simply stuns- and sickens- me that CNBC continues to kowtow to and butter this guy up. He was introduced as if he's God's gift to finance. As if we all know that Rattner 'saved the economy' by allowing GM to wriggle out of a proper bankruptcy, and, in the process, pay off the administration's labor cronies.

Then they proceed to ask the guy's opinions on things which, according to even his swollen bio, seem out of his normal sphere of interest.

Is this really the best guy they can get for this program? What's next- a guest spot for Bernie Madoff, live from jail? Or an hour guest-host spot on SquawkBox?

Disgusting. Just disgusting.

When a major business network so arrogantly panders to someone who violated ethics rules, you know how hypocritical that network is regarding business ethics.

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