Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Non-Fallout From Facebook's Dirty PR Tricks

It's been a few weeks since Facebook admitted that it hired Burson-Marsteller to smear Google via placed media pieces. The facts seem not to be in dispute, i.e., Facebook retained the public relations firm to solicit media pieces critical of Google. Burson-Marsteller admitted having violated its own policies by not disclosing Facebook's identity while it solicited the articles.

I'm rather shocked by the lack of outcry among Facebook's users and the technology community in general. To those of us old enough to remember, this smacks of Tricky Dicky Nixon's infamous enemies lists and his campaign staff's dirty tricks.

For a company which doesn't seem to really do much of anything, and has had some issues of its own with misusing its members privacy at time, you'd think there would be a much greater reaction in the sector or the media.

Instead, it's been rather quiet. No pillorying of Zuckerberg in the public media.

How'd he get off so lightly?

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