Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Disappointment About Bloomberg's GOP Presidential Debate Tonight

I must say that I'm profoundly disappointed by what I've heard- on Bloomberg TV- concerning the network's GOP candidate debate this evening from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

The questioner/moderator is apparently going to be Charlie Rose.

Charlie Rose??????

You have to be kidding.

On a network featuring Margaret Brennan and the very knowledgeable pair of anchors on the pre-market-open program, not to mention Tom Keene, Rose is the best they can do?

Rose doesn't know anything about economics or business. He's an idiot with a southern drawl who, from the times I've seen his boring interview program over the years, specializes in behaving and looking stunned and awed by anything any guest says.

I'll probably tune in for the first few minutes of the, well, debate isn't really the right word for these spectacles. I wrote recently on my political blog about a format I'd prefer. And, again, more recently, concerning Fox News' nod in that direction.

But having someone as clueless as Charlie Rose asking questions will likely have me channel surfing within five minutes, and probably, as usual, looking to various news programs tomorrow for a more concise reprise of what occurs this evening in Hanover.

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