Thursday, November 03, 2011

CNBC's Continuing Non-Coverage of Corzine's Behavior

Rather incredibly, CNBC's Carl whathisname, now on from 9AM to noon, literally laughed while a Fortune magazine writer discussed MF Global CEO Jon Corzine's involvement in and/or knowledge of the use of customer funds by the firm.

The writer, whose name I did not catch, was earnest in contending that no former Republican Senator or Governor would be given the light treatment that CNBC accorded Corzine. Carl literally smirked and laughed at the allegation.

What I found so ironic is that the anchor, whose network has conspicuously not touched the issue all week, found it humorous and only remotely possible that a liberal Democrat is not investigated with the vigor that any Republican would be.

You can't make this stuff up. That's how hopelessly liberally biased the network and its producers are.

In fact, as the writer began to explain his recent discoveries regarding Corzine's involvement, Carl asked if he really wanted to go forward on air with the charges.

Clearly, Carl and his producers were hoping that they wouldn't have to be responsible for breaking bad news about Corzine's potential criminal liability.

After all, that might spoil his next gig as guest host. Then, again, Stever Rattner settled his charges with the SEC, paid a fine, and appears regularly on CNBC.

So maybe Corzine can break new ground, should he be charged with malfeasance, as a soon-to-be-tried guest host.

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