Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dell's Failing Turnaround

Today's Wall Street Journal featured an article about the Dell 'turnaround' in the Marketplace section.

Almost a year ago, in January, I commented on a Journal piece about returning CEOs reviving their companies. I wrote about Dell,

"Why do you suppose that these CEOs, as a group, mostly failed to move their firms to consistently superior total return performance?

In Dell's and Starbuck's cases, I question if they ever will. I believe, for reasons I've discussed in labeled posts on both CEOs and their companies, that competition, growth and simple Schumpeterian dynamics have worked to end their time of consistent outperformance."

It won't matter what sort of shuffling of deck chairs on his personal Titanic that Michael Dell does now. He can change executives, shuffle one to another post, but it won't change the business. Or customer behavior.

As this nearby, one-year price chart for Dell and the S&P500 Index clearly demonstrates, the company still struggles relative to the market.
Dell is down for the count. Nothing Michael Dell does is going to change this Schumpeterian fact.

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